Attorney-at-law Dr. Mirna Pavletić Župić has completed the education in the area of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Law Firm Župić & Partners opened Branch office in Osijek, at the address Stjepana Radića 14.

Law Firm Župić & Partners opened Branch office in Split at the address of Trg Hrvatske bratske Zajednice 8.

Mirna Pavletić Župić PhD, attorney-at-law, ended training for authorised mediators and is licensed as an mediator

September 2015
Dr. Mirna Pavletić Župić, attorney-at-law, ended training for authorised mediators, and is licensed as an mediator. Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be arranged in disputes: in the field of administrative law, in the field of criminal law, in the area of family law, and in the field of commercial law and litigation associated with the resolution of good neighbourly relations, in accordance with the conciliation (mediation).

Croatian Competition Law; Legal Framework Determining Cartel Investigations and Fines for the Infringements of Competition Act

Author: Mirna Pavletić Župić PhD

The Competition Act – CA (consolid. 2013) [1] in Art 8 stipulates pursuant to Art. 101 TFEU[2] a prohibition to all vertical or horizontal agreements among undertakings which might harm the competition on relevant market. It states that the following shall be prohibited as incompatible with the internal market of EU: all agreements between undertakings, decisions by associations of undertakings and concerted practices which may affect trade between Member States and which have as their object or effect the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition within the internal market, and in particular those which: (a) directly or indirectly fix purchase or selling prices or any other trading conditions; (b) limit or control production, markets, technical development, or investment; (c) share markets or sources of supply; (d) apply dissimilar conditions to equivalent transactions with other trading parties, thereby placing them at a competitive disadvantage; (e) make the conclusion of contracts subject to acceptance by the other parties of supplementary obligations which, by their nature or according to commercial usage, have no connection with the subject of such contracts.[3]

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Mirna Pavletić Župić Ph. D., passed the depth training stipulated by the Law on the Protection of Persons with Mental Disorders

June 2015

Attorney-at-law, Mirna Pavletić Župić Ph. D., passed the depth training stipulated by the Law on the Protection of Persons with Mental Disorders, and became a licensed representative – attorney in cases concerning the protection of persons with mental disorders.

The Principles of Fair Competition in Public Procurement Proceedings

Author: Mirna Pavletic-Zupic,PhD, Attorney-at-Law,
September 2015

The value of procurement of various works and services by public authorities accounts a significant percent of the Croatia’s and the EU’s GDP. The important notions of the  Public Procurement Act, establish the legal and institutional background for protection of competition in the public procedure procedures, along with available legal remedies. This is mainly a result from the fact that the legal rules on procurement consist of the procurement directives adopted by the European Commission which have been incorporated by reference into the Public Procurement Act (hereinafter: PPL) which is to the great extent aligned with the EU acquis: Directive 2004/17 / EC, Directive 2004/18 / EC, Directive 2005/75 / EC, Commission Directive 2005/51 / EC, Directive 2007/66 / EC, Directive 2009/81 / EC. [1]

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The new Law on Oil and Oil Derivatives

Author: Ante Župić, Attorney-At-Law

Act on Oil and Oil Derivatives („Official Gazette“, Nr. 19/14; Act;) entered into force on  12th Feb. 2014, replacing the previous Law (OG. 57/06,18/11 and 144/12.)[1].

The Act lays down rules aimed at ensuring high level security of oil supply, as well as liberalized conditions for trade, transportation and storage of oil and petroleum products according to market principles, open market access and the third party access to the market. The Act provides for intervention plan in the event of extraordinary disturbance in market supply of oil and petroleum products as well as maintaining minimum operational and mandatory crude oil and/or petroleum products’ stocks [2].

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Draft Labor Law and Newly Introduced Flexible Forms of Employment; Work from Home and Temporary Agency Work

Author: Ante Župić, Attorney-At-Law

Proposal of the Labor Act (hereinafter: Proposal LA) introduced amendments to labor legislation in the Republic of Croatia aimed at harmonization with EU legislation – the EU acquis communautaire.

Flexible forms of employment that are proposed in the new Labour Act to include work from home or in a separate place of work and work through temporary employment agencies. Proposal ZOR proclaims the principle of “pro rata temporis” (Latin for participation in proportion to time), and introduced flexible forms of employment, as regulated in a number of key EU directives acquis.

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Ante Župić, Attorney-at-law elected as a board member of the Croatian Turkish Business Club in Zagreb

Ante Župić, Attorney-at-law was elected as a board member of the Croatian Turkish Business Club in Zagreb.

Mirna Pavletić Župić, PhD joins the Law Firm

Mirna Pavletić ŽupićOur company has been joined by Mirna Pavletić Župić, PhD, a recognized expert in the field of protection of market competition in the country and abroad, longtime member of the Council of the Croatian Competition Agency, participant in local and international conferences and author of professional and scientific papers published in the scientific literature in the country and abroad.

The company expands its presence to Turkey

Jasmina-Jašaragić-ÖzügerginThrough the work of Attorney-at-law Jasmina Jašaragić Özügergin the company expanded its international presence to Turkey, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, primarily due to increased demand for legal services.


Law Firm Župić & Partners opened Branch office in Zadar, at Zrinsko-Frankopanska 38.